Aluminium Windows – Going Green

To come up with an energy efficient housing design requires maximum attention to details as well as proper planning. The material used and design used in windows is considered to be a minor detail and is often overlooked by many when constructing their homes but what they don’t know is that it contributes greatly to the general appearance as well as the energy efficiency of the house.

Windows and doors play the vital role of providing ventilation, daylight while maintaining the right temperature into the house. There are different types of window frames that can be incorporated into your window design such as fibreglass, vinyl, wood and aluminium windows frames amongst others.  It is advisable to use the whole house approach when designing your home. This approach works by creating an interface between you, the building site, the climate and other vital elements of your house such as;

  • Air sealing and insulation
  • The lighting system including  the access of daylight into your home
  • Cooling and heating
  • Home appliances and electronics
  • Doors, windows and skylights, amongst others

The efficiency of Aluminium Windows

As stated earlier air sealing, insulation, cooling and heating and the amount of lighting that a window allow into the house are important factors to consider and are greatly contributed to by the type of window frames that one should choose.  Aluminium windows are known to have the following advantages that contribute to these factors;

  1. They are highly durable and strong – does not wrap or rot
  2. The material is light
  3. Easy to maintain, does not require painting
  4. Give an unobtrusive and neat fittings and sashes
  5. Allows maximum light entry

However, as much as aluminium windows have many advantages they have one major disadvantage, in that they rapidly conduct heat and are poor insulating materials.  Nevertheless, this can be rectified by installing thermal breaks on the windows.  A thermal break is a plastic strip used for insulation that is placed between the outside and inside of the sash and frame. Another way of overcoming the insulation problem is use of aluminium cladding, where an aluminium layer is applied on the windows exterior surface, normally made of wood core.  This is yet another durable and low maintenance method.

Benefits of using Aluminium Windows

 Some of the benefits that you may get by using aluminium frames on your windows are;

  • Little maintenance and utility costs
  • Reduced noise
  • A safe and healthier indoor environment
  • Improve building durability 

Window Style

How the sash opens or operates within its outer frame is what is termed as window style.   Awning, double hung, sliding and casement are some of the traditional window styles that can be used in aluminium windows.  It is also possible to get a custom made aluminium window style of your choose to suit your overall home design. Finally, you can complement the general appearance of your home with the right choice of colour for your window frames.  The aluminium windows come ready coated with powder in a range of different colours. It is however, important to get the frame colour right as it is not possible to repaint powder coated planes.

Maintenance of Aluminium Window

A wipe using a damp cloth once in a while, is all that is required to keep your aluminium windows as good as new though you must ensure that caustic or abrasive chemicals are not used for cleaning.