Modern-day living calls for spaces that merge effortlessly into one another; allowing the interior of the home to fluidly merge with its exterior.

Thanks to Aluminium Prodigy’s range of aluminium patio doors, the barrier between the interior and exterior living spaces can be naturally blurred allowing for open plan living when you require it and that can be a safe and strong barrier when you don’t.

We expertly design and supply aluminium patio sliding doors to fit any outdoor patio space. We are the leading manufacturers of aluminium sliding patio doors in Johannesburg, offering the best quality aluminium door and window products on the market. The new generation of the aluminium patio sliding door is aesthetically beautiful and functional too.

Look no further than Aluminium Prodigy for the best aluminium sliding patio door prices from the best aluminium sliding patio door manufacturers in Johannesburg today.

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Not only does our range of sliding patio doors offer excellence in strength and durability but they look great too.

Our range of sliding doors can be manufactured as two panel, three panel, or four panel sized doors to suit any patio size. The doors also come in a range of colours; white, brown, black, and grey to suit the colour scheme and aesthetic of any home. Whether your home is a brooding Balinese beauty or a light, contemporary beach house, we supply an aluminium sliding patio door to suit it.

We also offer sidelights for sliding doors for enhanced safety and to add to the aesthetically pleasing look of the room. One of our qualified consultants can help you create the look you desire for your outdoor space, enhanced by the simplistic beauty of aluminium.


Choosing aluminium doors for your outdoor living spaces is an excellent choice thanks to the array of benefits the material offers. Choosing our aluminium doors will ensure:

• Strength and Security – securing your home is paramount and thanks to the unmatched strength of aluminium, you’ll be able to safely secure your home and outdoor spaces.

• Functionality – the smooth rolling action of our sliding doors and the adjustable, non-corrosive roller system ensures excellent functionality and practicality.

• Weather Resistance – aluminium is perfect for outdoor spaces as it is resistant to corrosion and can withstand the elements like rain and harsh sun excellently.

• Durability – aluminium is a long-lasting material ensuring you will enjoy excellent quality sliding doors for years to come.

• Maintenance-Free – all that is required to keep your aluminium doors looking brand new is regular cleaning, offering an almost maintenance-free existence.


Offering an almost maintenance-free existence is a benefit of aluminium, all that is required of the product is regular, easy cleaning. Follow these easy to do steps when cleaning your patio sliding doors:

  • Use lukewarm water, a mild detergent, and a soft cloth to clean the frames.
  • Use your choice of commercially available window cleaner to keep the glass panes clean.
  • In case of oil or greasy stains, use thinners or a mixture of warm water and a cupful of household ammonia.
  • Apply metal polish once your door is clean and dry – this will keep it looking brand new and protect it against stains and dirt.
  • Be careful not to use soap pads or metal scourers as these can scratch your aluminium doors permanently.

Allowing your home to effortlessly flow, choosing a design that allows the outdoors in, is what you’ll achieve when you choose an aluminium sliding patio door from Aluminium Prodigy. We’ve been in the industry for years and we know that every customer who chooses aluminium never looks back.

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