Aluminium Showers – A Modern Bathroom

Modern technology has greatly changed the bathroom area.  Once a neglected area, it is now a common practice for people to have custom shower systems designed according to one’s needs and specifications.

The modern shower system comes with multiple functional hand showers and shower heads with fancy tiled surfaces.  To complete this luxurious set-up, there are a variety of shower area enclosures especially made with glass and aluminium, known as aluminium showers.

The real essence of having an efficient shower system is its ability to retain water within the shower area.  This can be accomplished by having a good shower drain that ensures water flows freely from the shower area.  Proper enclosure of the shower area greatly contributes towards the prevention of water from spreading all over the bathroom area.  Traditionally shower curtains were used to serve this purpose but the main problem with shower curtains is that they are not easy to clean; they wear out easily and are not durable. Invention of Aluminium Showers has come a long way in improving the situation, offering the following advantages;

  • It allows natural light penetration into the shower area
  • It is durable and long lasting
  • It is easy to clean and hygienic
  • It offers maximum water retention within the shower area
  • It comes in diverse configuration to suit personal preferences and the general bathroom layout.
  • They are environmentally friendly in that they are recyclable
  • They are easily available

There are different types of Aluminium shower designs to suit your needs, such as;

  • The Tri-doors Aluminium shower: comes with wide opening door that are fully reversible and can open from any direction to suit space constrained bathrooms.   They offer watertight seal and are sturdy enough with glazed toughened safety glass to last longer with a advanced sliding action.
  • The Penta Pivots Aluminium showers:  just like the name suggests, this type of shower has five corners, pentagon shaped, offering a unique alternative to the more common square and quadrant shapes.
  • Bi sliders Aluminium Showers: it offers well-designed sliding action with toughened glazed safety glass.  It is suitable for large enclosures.
  • Corner Entries Aluminium Showers:  they come with two sliding doors that can be easily opened with strong rollers on the bottom and top rails.  They are suitable for small bathrooms.
  • Return panels Aluminium showers: it is made up of a 90 degrees return panel, that ‘returns’ from the door to the wall.  The panel is squared at 90 degrees creating a perfect corner.

Other types of Aluminium showers are the pivot door and the in-line panel aluminium showers. One can also request for custom designed aluminium showers as per his/her individual specifications and requirements.  Nonetheless, when designing your ideal custom made aluminium shower you will need to consider the following;

  1. The available space
  2. Practicability of the design
  3. The durability and availability of the materials that will be required
  4. The cost implications, in terms of materials and installation