Picture it now; a home with immaculate open plan living areas that allow the effortless flow of movement from its indoor spaces, outside.

Thanks to aluminium sliding and folding doors from Aluminium Prodigy, this dream can become a reality in your home too.

Aluminium sliding and folding doors are the new ‘must have’ for any home. Aluminium bi-fold sliding doors guarantee uninterrupted views of a home’s garden and outdoor spaces by neatly tracking open and stacking against each other at one or both ends of a doorway. A homeowner can open their lounge or dining area up thanks to aluminium sliding and folding patio doors, allowing for al-fresco living at its best.

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Choosing aluminium folding doors the best way to achieve open-plan living. We manufacture and install doors that are made to exact customer specifications, ensuring each piece is custom-designed and made for every client.

No matter the length of the doorway or opening, we can design aluminium sliding folding doors to suit. We are also able to install single or double window glazing too which increases the energy efficiency of the home, ensuring cooler temperatures in summer and warmer temperatures in winter.

We manufacture sliding folding doors which are frameless too, speak to your Aluminium Prodigy consultant today and specify your exact requests now.


Understanding the many benefits of aluminium sliding doors will allow any homeowner to see why aluminium is such an excellent choice. These benefits include:

  • A dedicated head and track section which allows for the door to offer a fully rebated reveal.
  • Conventional styles maintain double weather pile detail.
  • The top guide and bottom roller are concealed in the door leaf.
  • All hinges are face fitted ensuring no complicated preparation is necessary.
  • The doors are bottom hung which means no possibility of head fixing problems as with conventional ‘hung’ systems.
  • The use of standard flat face flush bolts and normal door locks for functionality.

Choosing an aluminium product also offers:

  • Strength and security
  • Durability and longevity
  • Ease of use and maintenance and super easy to clean
  • Weather and corrosion resistance
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Stile rebate sections can also be added


Offering an almost maintenance-free existence is a benefit of aluminium, all that is required of the product is regular, easy cleaning. Follow these easy to do steps when cleaning your patio sliding folding doors:

  • Use lukewarm water, a mild detergent, and a soft cloth to clean the frames.
  • Use your choice of commercially available window cleaner to keep the glass panes clean.
  • In case of oil or greasy stains, use thinners or a mixture of warm water and a cupful of household ammonia.
  • Apply metal polish once your door is clean and dry – this will keep it looking brand new and protect it against stains and dirt.
  • Be careful not to use soap pads or metal scourers as these can scratch your aluminium doors permanently.

Allowing your home to effortlessly flow, choosing a design that allows the outdoors in, is what you’ll achieve when you choose an aluminium sliding patio door from Aluminium Prodigy. We’ve been in the industry for years and we know that every customer who chooses aluminium never looks back.

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