Why Aluminium Doors Are a Top Choice

If you’re considering installing new doors in your home, or replacing current doors, you are probably wondering if aluminium glass doors are a good choice. Here are six real advantages to installing aluminium doors in your home:

1. Aluminium is sturdy and tough

Aluminium glass doors are strong. Unlike wooden doors, aluminium doors won’t rot. And unlike steel doors, they won’t rust. They are impervious to the elements, not being affected by rain, wind or harsh sun. They are fantastic for hot South African summers – but do just as well in rain, hail and wind.

If you live at the coast, you’ll be pleased to hear that aluminium doors won’t be corroded by the harsh sea air.

2. Long lasting, low maintenance

You don’t need to worry about regularly sealing or servicing your aluminium doors, because they require very little maintenance.

In fact, you really have to do very little to keep your aluminium doors functioning well and looking good. You might perhaps want to oil the hinges and clean out the track on your sliding doors every now and again, but in general, the doors don’t need regular maintenance.

The powder coated surface is easy to keep clean and can be wiped down with a cloth if you need to remove dust or dirt, but for the most part, the aluminium frame doesn’t need much cleaning.

3. Reasonable aluminium door prices

If you’re wondering how much aluminium doors cost, you may be pleasantly surprised.
Aluminium doors prices have come down in recent years, and as prices are more affordable than ever. In fact, aluminium is probably the most affordable option on the market for sliding doors.

While it’s always a good idea to shop around for a good quote, remember that you also want to look for a company that offers the experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time.

With aluminium doors and windows, you’re getting a modern look, that’s aesthetically pleasing, all at a good price.

4. Suitable for a range of spaces and customisable to your needs

Browsing through aluminium door pictures you’ll notice that aluminium doors can be created in a wide range of sizes. You get glass stacking or bi-fold doors, palace doors, traditional sliding doors, and hinge doors. Aluminium doors can be purchased to fit standard sizes, but a manufacturer can also create a door to your specific requirements. This offers you a great deal of flexibility.

You can customise your aluminium doors, adding the thickness of glass you want, and selecting a colour that will suit your home. White aluminium powder-coated frames are popular, while bronze frames are probably the most selected frame colour at the moment.

5. Maximising light

Aluminium doors can let light flood into your home.

Because aluminium is strong, but light, you can use relatively thin frames to hold large panels of glass, letting the maximum amount of light into your home.

Palace doors and sliding doors offer great views out into the garden, while allowing you to slide back the glass and create a beautiful open space when opened. Large bi-fold sliding doors allow brilliant light into the home when closed, and then fold away to create a fantastic indoor-outdoor space. If you love entertaining, you’ll love the idea of bi-fold doors.

6. Energy efficient and kind to the earth.

Both aluminium and glass are easy to recycle. In fact, it’s easy to recycle aluminium, and recycling the product takes only 5% of the energy needed to create it. Glass has similar properties, so together both items can be transformed into something new once their life as an aluminium window is over.

Aluminium doors are energy efficient. The thick glass used in the frames keeps temperatures warm in winter and cool in summer. Tight fitting frames will minimise air leakage, preventing drafts from entering your home.

It’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to use aluminium doors in their homes. Converting from wood doors is easy to do and is generally done within a day. The modern, aesthetically pleasing look can update the style of your home quickly, and with very little fuss.

Aluminium Prodigy – leaders in aluminium doors and windows

If you’re considering converting your doors to aluminium glass doors, call Aluminium Prodigy for a quote. We’re experts in aluminium and provide the advice you need for a successful conversion. We can also assist with new builds and can assist with aluminium windows and doors for your whole home.