Tips For Buying Patio Sliding Glass Doors

One quick and easy way to modernise your home is to install aluminium sliding doors. These beautiful doors make a big impact and are easy to maintain. Whether you’re looking for double sliding patio doors, or stacking sliding doors, Aluminium Prodigy can offer you an elegant, cost-effective and impactful solution.

Before you take the leap and install aluminium sliding doors in your home, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Sliding doors help to maximise light in your home 

Aluminium sliding doors are a brilliant solution for bringing warmth and light into your home. Install them on the north facing side of your home so that the light can flow in through the doors. If you install large sliding doors on the west side of your home, you may find that room gets particularly hot in the afternoons. You may want to consider getting an outdoor blind or shade awning for large, west facing doors.

Sliding doors don’t open fully, but open enough to bring fresh air into your home

Aluminium bifold doors can be stacked up to the sides to allow you to open up your room to the outside. But when closed, aluminium bifold doors have more frame lines when the doors are closed. Aluminium sliding doors, on the other hand, open up to either side, creating a large open space, but have fewer frame lines, so you get a beautiful, expansive view of your garden when they’re closed, and you can still enjoy indoor-outdoor living when the doors are opened.

Aluminium patio sliding doors are easy to maintain

Aluminium sliding doors don’t require regular maintenance or care. Unlike wooden doors, aluminium doors don’t need to be sanded or varnished, and the powder-coated aluminium doesn’t need to be painted. The only maintenance you’re likely to do is to clean out the aluminium door track to keep it free of debris, and possibly oil the hinges once in a while.

Select the right glass for your needs

Aluminium sliding door manufacturers offer a range of glass options for your double sliding doors. Double glazed glass offers protection from both hot and cold weather. It helps to keep heat in winter and will help regulate the temperature in your home in summer. You can also look at laminate safety glass options for your doors. This glass has a laminate layer that makes it very hard to break.

Converting a large window into a sliding door is possible.

If you have a large window in your home, with a lintel above it, you can possibly install an aluminium sliding door without too much building work or effort. The lintel is normally already supporting the bricks above it, and therefore, it is often possible to take out the window and remove the bricks below it to install a glass sliding door. You will need to consult an expert before going ahead, as you don’t want to damage the structural integrity of your home.

Consider your security needs

If you are installing a large sliding glass door onto your patio or from your bedroom out into your garden, you’ll want to be sure that the door is secure. Ask your installer about lock option, and whether or not you can install an additional bolt. Many homeowners choose to install a security gate along with their aluminium door or alternatively use a security beam or camera solution to increase their security.

Creative applications for exterior sliding glass doors

Many homeowners select aluminium sliding doors for their patios, which is a great way to open up your home and allow flow between your main living areas and your gardens. But aluminium sliding doors can be used in almost any room of your home. Some modern South African bathrooms include a beautiful sliding door option so that homeowners can enjoy an outdoor shower area. You can also use a sliding door to great effect in a kitchen, allowing you to open up the kitchen into the garden, possibly giving you access to a vegetable garden or herb garden. You can also install a sliding door from your bedroom out into the garden or onto a balcony. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Where to find aluminium patio sliding doors

If you’re considering large sliding glass doors in your home, speak to Aluminium Prodigy about the options they offer. They can assess your site and offer tips and advice on how best to go ahead with installation. 

Contact us today for a free assessment on our range of patio sliding doors. We also offer a range of other aluminium doors for different applications in your home.