The benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

They add the ultimate modern edge to any home. Bi-fold doors are aluminium folding doors that stack up to create a seamless link between inside and outside. You may know them as zig-zag doors or concertina doors – but whatever you call them, you can be sure they make a statement in any home.

1. Bi-fold doors open up your home

If you love the outdoors and your garden, bi-fold stacking doors are a perfect choice. All the doors stack up together, opening your home up completely. They are a great choice for the South African lifestyle, allowing you to entertain guests indoors and outdoors at the same time. Imagine a leisurely Sunday braai, with guests standing around the fire on the patio, chatting to guests sitting inside on the couch.

Bi-fold doors can also be used to separate rooms, creating two distinct rooms when closed, and virtually disappearing when open. This works well for dividing open plan living and dining rooms, for example.

2. Folding sliding doors bring light into your home

Bifold doors can make your home feel brighter and more open. The panels of glass from floor to ceiling, separated only by an aluminium frame, bring in the maximum amounts of light. Aluminium is the perfect material for these doors as it is strong yet lightweight, so it can hold large panes of glass but isn’t too heavy to open. In fact, a properly installed bi-fold door is really easy to open and simply slides along its track.

3. Aluminium bifold doors are stylish and modern

Bifold doors are very popular at the moment – and it’s no secret why. They bring a modern, stylish look to any home. In many cases, a bifold door can add value to your home and help to update your look. If you’re looking for a dramatic home makeover, why not consider replacing old sliding patio doors or glass windows with aluminium folding glass doors. And it’s not just a fashion fad. Bifold doors are quickly becoming a part of modern building design and will continue to be added to new homes for decades to come.

4. Bifold doors are low maintenance

As with all other aluminium door products, maintenance is not an issue. The doors do not need to be sanded, varnished or painted. The powder-coated surface is hardwearing and lasts for years. at most you may need a dash of oil to keep the hinges working smoothly.

Bifold doors generally work on a two-rail system, with rollers at the top and bottom of the door. This allows the doors to be easily opened and closed and also keeps your home secure, as the doors cannot be simply lifted off their track.

5. Folding patio doors are practical and versatile

Bifold doors can be installed so that they open up all on one side, or alternatively, they can open evenly on both sides. If you quickly have to pop outside but don’t want to open all the doors, one of the panels acts as a normal door, which can be quickly opened and closed.

They are very practical, allowing you to bring fresh air into your home in an instant, and quickly close up if it gets windy or rainy.

6. They are great for commercial spaces too

Bi-fold doors are also great for commercial spaces like shops, coffee shops and restaurants. Gone are the days when restaurants had to roll down plastic sheeting to keep guests warm in winter. Now a restaurant can choose to throw open their concertina doors on a warm day and close them again moments later when rain starts to fall.

7. They can be cost-effective

Don’t let aluminium folding door prices scare you off. Bi-fold doors don’t have to be hugely expensive. If you would like to know how much bi-fold doors cost, give us a call to get a free quote.