Considerations When Buying a New Sliding Door

Sliding doors can create the perfect link between your indoor and outdoor space. If you’re thinking about installing new external sliding doors in your home, here’s what you need to consider before taking the plunge.

What material should you choose for your external sliding doors?
The material you use for your external sliding glass doors is largely determined by the style of your home, your budget and your personal preference.

Recently, aluminium sliding doors have become a very popular choice as they offer a great mix of strength, aesthetic appeal and affordability. What’s more, aluminium patio sliding doors require very little maintenance and are very durable.

Other options include wooden exterior sliding doors, but these are often more expensive and require yearly maintenance, including sanding and varnishing.

Steel doors have largely fallen out of favour as they are heavy and relatively expensive.

What style of external sliding doors do you want?
Sliding patio doors can be configured to suit your space. Sliding glass doors can be made as two panels, three panels or four panels to fit just about any opening size. You can choose whether to have the large sliding glass doors open to the right or the left side or if you choose a configuration with two double sliding doors, they can open in the middle and slide both left and right.

As an alternative, you can consider a hinged door design, also known as a French door. French doors can open inward or outward from the centre. French doors often have a wider frame, which means they allow a bit less natural light into your space.

Another option to consider would be sliding folding doors. Also known as bi-fold doors, or stacking doors, this stunning option allows for true indoor-outdoor living. The folding doors slide smoothly along a track to neatly stack to one or both sides. This is a costlier option but certainly has a big impact.

What safety and security considerations do you need to keep in mind?
In the past, large glass patio doors were made with thin glass that was easily broken. But new glass technology means sliding patio doors can offer much higher levels of safety and security.

If you’re looking for added security, consider palace sliding doors – these heavy-duty sliding doors can accommodate laminate safety glass and toughened safety glass and double glazing options.

Laminated glass is two pieces of glass with a layer of plastic in between. If the glass breaks, the plastic layer holds everything together. There is no hole left in the window so an intruder can’t enter.

Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass, meaning it can withstand much more than ordinary glass.

What sort of maintenance is required for external sliding doors?
If you’re looking for a low-maintenance patio door, aluminium is definitely the best option. Aluminium patio sliding doors don’t require painting, sanding, varnishing or any other form of yearly upkeep.

Timber doors need to be regularly sanded and treated to protect the wood. With all exterior sliding glass doors, you do need to keep the track clear of dirt and debris.

How much do aluminium sliding doors cost?
Aluminium patio doors are generally a more cost-effective solution than wooden doors. Prices start at roughly R2000 for a single sliding door and R5700 for a double sliding door. Sliding glass doors prices increase if the door is not a standard size.

Contact Aluminium Prodigy for a free quote. We would be happy to visit your home or office to quote on installing a new glass sliding door. We can also offer advice about the best style of door to suit your space.

How do you fit an aluminium sliding doors?
Installing aluminium doors is generally a job best left to the professionals. As most sliding doors cover large areas, it’s very important that installation is done accurately, as this will ensure that the door lasts for decades to come. The most common reason for double sliding patio doors to not open or close correctly is bad installation.

Why not call Aluminium Prodigy for a free quote? We’re only too happy to visit your premises and discuss all the options for installing a new aluminium sliding door. Most installations are done in a single day, so you will have a new door installed before the sun goes down.