Benefits of Aluminium Windows

If you’re considering installing new windows in your home, or if you’re replacing your existing wooden or steel window frames, you need to put aluminium windows on your shopping list.

These sturdy, modern windows look great in any application and offer a number of benefits to the homeowner. 

Why choose aluminium windows?

Here are eight good reasons to consider installing aluminium windows in your home

1. Aluminium is built to last

Aluminium windows are durable long lasting. They don’t rot not do they rust. They are not affected by tough weather conditions like hail, harsh sun or rain.

2. Aluminium window frames don’t require regular maintenance

Anyone who has ever owned wooden doors or windows knows that they require regular maintenance to keep them looking good. If you don’t paint or apply varnish to wood, you can expect it to rot or start looking old. Aluminium, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be maintained. You may need to oil a hinge every now and again, but essentially, aluminium is a very low maintenance investment.

3. Aluminium windows don’t attract insects

Wooden doors and windows are often plagued by termites and other nasty insects. Luckily aluminium windows are not eaten by any insect and don’t need to be treated with pest repellants.

4. Aluminium windows prices are cost effective

You may be pleasantly surprised when receiving quotes for aluminium windows in your home. Although any building work done in your home can be a costly exercise, aluminium offers good value for money, and can provide a home update for less than you might expect. Get a quote on your home today.

5. Aluminium windows offer a quick modern update to your home

Installing aluminium windows can be done fairly quickly and will immediately make your home look more modern and up-to-date. You’ll see a dramatic difference between older steel window frames and new aluminium windows, and generally installation is done in under a day, so you’ll see a great result in a short space of time.

6. Aluminium window installation is not very invasive and can be done while you’re on the premises

Anyone who’s ever updated their bathrooms or redone their kitchen knows that home renovations are not fun. Often, the best solution is to simply move out of your home while the builders paint, grind, saw and plaster. But aluminium window installation is fairly quick and easy and is done in very little time with not too much mess.

7. Versatile options for any space

Aluminium windows can be created to fill just about any opening. You can create curved aluminium frames, and even round porthole-like windows. You can choose to install a number of openings in your window, and these can open from the top or from the sides. You an design your windows to suit your needs, including considerations like security, aesthetics and airflow.

8. Energy efficient and earth-friendly windows

Aluminium is easy to recycle. Recycling aluminium takes only 5% of the energy needed to create it, so installing aluminium windows in your home is fairly green.  Installing new windows in your home will help improve your energy efficiency, as the glass used is generally thicker and will help to better insulate your home. When selecting your windows, you will be able to choose from various glazing options, some of which can really improve the energy efficiency of your home. When choosing aluminium windows to make sure you ask about double-glazed aluminium windows, which could save you money in the long run when you consider how much it costs to warm your home in winter.

If you’re looking for new windows for your home contact the experts

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